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Why Choose IMS for Spanish Mortgages?

IMS has operated in Spain since 2002 and has successfully completed on over half a billion Euros in lending on Spanish mortgages making us one of the most experienced and specialised mortgage advice companies in Spain.

Spanish mortgage advice centre services

Budget analysis and Bank recommendation – We will tell you what you can borrow from a Spanish Bank and what impact this has on the purchase price you can pay.

Submission and management of Spanish Mortgage applications for independent purchases and Bank repossessions – We will professionally package your application to give it the best possible chance of being approved in these difficult market conditions.

Resolution of previously rejected applications – If you have been rejected for a mortgage or have been waiting forever for an answer from the Bank let us help gain a successful outcome in the quickest possible time.

Dispute resolutions and negotiations

Negotiation to remove Floor Rates and save money on interest payments – If you have a floor rate or minimum rate you were unaware of at completion let us negotiate with the Bank to get this clause removed.

Arrears and defaults – Are you in arrears, have temporary issues and need help to resolve the problem we can help negotiate short, medium and long term solutions.

Conveyancing – Are you buying or selling and need information or legal support visit our Spanish legal service website to find out everything you need to know.


Spanish mortgages

How do Spanish mortgages work, what is required and what do you need to consider when applying for a loan.

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Who is IMS, how long have we been operating in Spain and who are the key personnel and what is their background.

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Spanish Mortgage Calculator

Use our calculator to assess what your monthly mortgage payments could be.

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